US Air Forces Africa commander reaffirms commitment to North Africa


General Jeffrey Harrigian, US Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa commander, travelled to Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti; Tunis, Tunisia; and Algiers, Algeria, at the beginning of January to meet with service members and key defence leaders in the region.

During the trip, Harrigian recognized the outstanding accomplishments of service members at Camp Lemonnier and discussed key policy initiatives focused on strengthening partnerships with Tunisia and Algeria, the US military said.

“Our work in Africa is crucial to the success of our greater mission and the national security of the United States,” Harrigian said. “Day in and day out, our service members and partners are continuing to get after a diverse mission set despite unique and challenging situations.”

At his first stop, Camp Lemonnier, Harrigian met with deployed troops and the base’s military leadership.

For the final two legs of his trip, Harrigian joined Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett in Tunisia and Algeria. In Tunisia, Harrigian spoke to the Tunisian Air Chief, Brigadier General Mohamed Hajem, and the Tunisian Defense Minister, Ibrahim Bartagi, about the US’ commitment to its strong relationship with Tunisia. Harrigian also thanked both leaders for Tunisia’s steadfast commitment to countering terrorism and promoting stability in the region.

In Algeria, Harrigian discussed the military partnership between the two nations. He met with both Major General Mahmoud Laraba, the Algerian air force commander, and Major General Ammar Amrani, the commander of the Algerian air defence forces, to lay the groundwork for additional military engagements and enhanced cooperation between the US and Algeria in the future.

“Continued engagement plays a crucial role in strengthening US relationships with North African partner nations to better pursue a shared goal of global security,” the US military said in a statement.