UN medals for MINUSCA’s Rwandans


Peacekeeping duties honourably executed by Rwandan soldiers in the Central African Republic (CAR) have been rewarded with United Nations (UN) service medals.

The Rwandans serving in the RWABATT10 contingent of MINUSCA, the UN stabilisation mission in CAR, were thanked for their role in creating a climate of security and trust in the troubled country by Valentine Rugwabiza. The special representative of UN secretary general Antonio Guterres offered her “sincere appreciation for selfless service and dedication to duty”.

This, according to her, illustrated character and performance in the execution of mission duties.

RWABATT10 Contingent Commander, Colonel Emery Kayumba said “the medal decoration is one of the greatest privileges in our military career and regarded as extraordinary motivation in the conduct and accomplishment of our duties as required by the MINUSCA mandate”.

The ceremony was attended by CAR government officials; the head of Rwanda diplomatic mission in CAR, Olivier Kayumba; MINUSCA representatives and Rwandan community leaders in the country.