Turkey and Mozambique forge closer defence ties


The head of Turkey’s Defence Industry Agency has signed a cooperation agreement with Mozambique to promote Turkey’s defence industry in Africa.

Haluk Gorgun, President of the Defence Industry Agency (SSB), said on 7 September the defence industry cooperation agreement was signed by Mozambique’s Defence Minister Cristovao Artur Chume in Ankara while Chume and his delegation were visiting Turkey.

“We are determined to fly the flag of our defence industry in Africa,” Gorgun stated.

Whilst in Turkey, Chume visited various Turkish defence companies and observed their products.

According to Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bilateral relations between Turkey and Mozambique, which remained limited for a long time, gained momentum as a result of the opening of the Turkish Embassy in Maputo in March 2011.

“Turkey’s trade with Mozambique has been increasing rapidly. The bilateral trade volume which was $115 million in 2016 reached $153 million in 2019. Turkey’s exports to Mozambique are hard coal tar, crude petroleum products, volatile oils, electrical machinery, iron and steel. Turkey imports, anthracite coal, sesame and tobacco from Mozambique,” the Ministry stated.

Two years ago, Turkey’s envoy to Mozambique, Avni Aksoy, said Turkey was ready to provide Mozambique with any support it needed when it came to the fight against terrorism. Since 2017 Mozambique has been battling ASWJ terrorists in its Cabo Delgado province.