Top UN peacekeeping official in DRC


MONUSCO, the world’s largest UN peacekeeping mission boasting a significant South African component, is hosting Jean-Pierre Lacroix, under-secretary general for peace operations.

While in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Lacroix is assessing political and security developments with the eye firmly on implementation of the MONUSCO mandate. This includes the offensive one the mission’s Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) is charged with in efforts to ensure safety and security for the general Congolese population.

South Africa, along with Southern African Development Community (SADC) partners Malawi and Tanzania, staff the FIB which now boasts four quick reaction force (QRF) units for speedier response to unrest and attacks.

While in the central African country the world body’s senior peacekeeping official will meet with national and provincial authorities, key political and civil society representatives, including women and youth associations, as well as religious leaders.

In Tanganyika province Lacroix will focus on MONUSCO’s transition and in North Kivu, he will take stock of mission efforts to address continuing political and security challenges and the best ways to address them.

Lacroix will depart the DRC on Sunday (October 24).