Three UN peacekeepers killed in Mali


Militants killed three United Nations peacekeepers in an attack outside their base in Kidal in northern Mali, the UN said in a statement.

UN soldiers face frequent attacks from desert fighters who have regrouped since a French-led military operation in 2013 to drive them out of Mali’s northern towns.

More than 100 peacekeepers have died in recent months, making it the deadliest UN mission to date.

The UN camp came under heavy mortar fire, injuring five. Shortly afterwards, three UN soldiers were killed in an attack just outside the camp, the UN said, giving no further details.

The nationalities of the soldiers and the identity of the attackers were not known.

Despite ongoing French strikes on their hideouts, fighters, including local al Qaeda affiliates, have staged a series of attacks this year, including a suicide bombing at an army base in January which killed at least 77 people.

Several French soldiers were wounded in an al Qaeda mortar attack in Timbuktu.