Three more South Africans now listed on the country’s war dead inventory


The graves of another three South Africans, at this stage still unidentified, have been added to the inventory of those who made the supreme sacrifice.

The new additions to South Africa’s list of war dead was commemorated by SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Reserves Chief, Major General Roy Andersen, at the Tyne Cot Cemetery in Zonnebeke, Belgium.
“They died bravely for their beliefs and their families were not to know where and how they perished,” he said at the cemetery where the remains of 27 other South African soldiers are already interred. Tyne Cot Cemetery is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the people of Belgium.

Research has revealed the men served in the Fourth Battalion of the First SA Infantry Brigade. It was made up of volunteers drawn from a number of well-known South African regiments, including the Transvaal Scottish and the Cape Town Highlanders.
“They came to Flanders in Belgium after being deployed in Egypt and then France where the battalion fought in the epic Battle of Delville Wood,” he said.