South Africa calls for eSwatini security forces to exercise ‘total’ restraint


The South African government says it notes with great concern the ongoing political and security situation in the eSwatini, as anti-monarchy protests continue.

“We are particularly concerned by reports of loss of life and destruction of properties,” said the SA (DIRCO).

According to news outlets, the tensions continue to flare as pro-democracy protests engulf the country.

According to reports, protesters are demanding democratic reforms in Africa’s last absolute monarchy.

Reports suggest that eight activists were allegedly shot dead by the police, while 28 have been injured and many detained.

“The right to peaceful protest is universally recognised,” the department said.

The South African government has since called on the security forces to exercise total restraint and protect the lives and property of the people, in keeping with the country’s constitutional provisions and laws.

“In addition, South Africa urges all political actors and civil society to engage in meaningful dialogue to resolve the current political challenges facing the country.”