Some 350 troops complete training in Djibouti: Somalia

Djibouti Prime Minister Dileita Mohamed Dileita attended the ceremony to mark 
the end of training of some 350 Somali soldiers by France.
The charge d’affaires at the Somali embassy in Djibouti, Mr Abourhaman Mohamed Hirabe, the French ambassador, Mr Dominique Decherf, the chief of staff of French forces stationed in Djibouti (FFDJ), Brig Gen Thierry Caspar-Fille-Lambie, as well as several top Djibouti and French military officers also attended the ceremony which took place at Myriam Camp some 70 kilometres from the capital.
Following in the example of the first group of 154 elements of the Somali security forces trained by France a few months ago, the second contingent of 350 men also received training that lasted about six weeks.