SIPRI pushing the civilian contribution to peace operations


The Armed Conflict and Conflict Management Programme of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) is embarking on a new research project entitled The Civilian Contribution to Peace Operations: Assessing Progress and Addressing Gaps.

SIPRI in its latest update says the aim of the project is to support policy development and other initiatives that will strengthen national, regional and international capacities to enhance civilian contributions to peace operations.

“The project will provide conceptual clarity of the nature of the civilian contribution to peace operations for a more coherent international policy. It will conduct a global review of the current state of the civilian contribution in international and regional organizations, governmental efforts and non-governmental initiatives underway.

“It will examine policies and practices, strategies, structures and mechanisms; and in so doing identify gaps, duplication, and resourcing challenges; and extract lessons learned. The findings of the project will contribute to a better understanding of the civilian contribution to peace operations and set a baseline to measure progress in the civilian domain,” SIPRI says.

Pic: SANDF Peacekeepers