Short sentences for Congo peacekeepers decried


Three Congo Republic peacekeepers were given sentences of just three years in jail for murdering civilians and are already free, Human Rights Watch said, describing the sentences as inadequate and unlikely to discourage future abuse.

A court in the Congolese capital Brazzaville sentenced each of the soldiers in April for the killing of 11 civilians in 2014 while the soldiers were serving in an African Union peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic. HRW secured a copy of the written judgement last month.

The men are now free, having served most of their sentences, HRW said in a statement. Although the court found the soldiers guilty of war crimes which can carry the death penalty under Congolese law, its judgment cited unspecified extenuating circumstances.
“Authorities in the Republic of Congo missed an opportunity to provide justice for the murders of civilians and to show no peacekeeper is above the law,” said Lewis Mudge, a senior researcher at HRW.
“Giving soldiers who committed murder little more than a slap on the wrist sent a damaging message to other peacekeepers that they risk little if they commit such crimes.”

Congo’s government spokesman did not respond to a request for comment. The government of President Denis Sassou Nguesso, one of Africa’s most secretive with a history of repression, previously rejected claims it ignored allegations of human rights abuses by its soldiers.

Failure to hold peacekeepers accountable for crimes committed on foreign soil is a recurring complaint of rights activists. The responsibility to prosecute falls on troop-contributing countries, often unwilling or unable to press charges against their troops.

According to HRW, the Congolese peacekeepers killed an unarmed boy and arrested at least 12 other civilians in the Central African town Boali in March 2014 after a peacekeeper died in a firefight.

The bodies of the 12 were found nearby in a mass grave in February 2016. The remains of a seven-month-old baby were never found, HRW said. The Congolese court judgment referred only to 11 victims.

Congo Republic’s hundreds of peacekeepers in Central African Republic later became part of a UN mission. They were repatriated last year following multiple allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation.