Second ICC warrant for Libyan commander


Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a second arrest warrant for Mahmoud al-Werfalli, a Libyan National Army (LNA) commander accused of executing dozens of prisoners.

The court said it believed Werfalli personally “shot dead 10 persons in front of the Bi’at al-Radwan Mosque in Benghazi, Libya”, on January 24, saying it would be the eighth such incident in which he is accused of committing murder as a war crime.

In August last year the court issued its first arrest warrant for Werfalli for the murder of 33 people in seven other earlier incidents. He was accused of either personally carrying out the killings or ordering their commission.

Earlier this year, video emerged which purportedly showed Werfalli shooting dead 10 blindfolded prisoners at a car bombing in Benghazi in January.

In February he handed himself to military authorities in eastern Libya because of the ICC investigation, but was released a day later, according to a military source.

A spokesman for the LNA said in March Werfalli would not be handed to the ICC, because of the “integrity and strictness” of the Libyan justice system.

The LNA is the dominant force in eastern Libya. It rejects the internationally recognised government in Tripoli and is aligned with a separate government based in the east.

The ICC has jurisdiction over war crimes in Libya after a referral by the United Nations Security Council in 2011 and has been investigating alleged atrocities there.