SADC seeks to “sustain” peace and security


Conflict prevention and resolution along with public and human security were on the agenda late in November when the Support to Peace and Security Programme in the SADC (Southern African Development Community) Region (SPSP) met in Johannesburg.

The one-day gathering, with input and financial support from the European Union (EU), monitors and evaluates the regional bloc’s peace and security architecture, a statement said. This is done via building SADC capacity in strengthening and implementing policies, strategic plans and instruments, human capacity, strategic partnerships and physical infrastructure relevant to the “sustenance of peace and security”.

Among achievements tabled at the meeting were strengthening electoral capacity; enhancing conflict prevention strategy along with management and resolution; upholding and enhancing cross-border safety and security as well as addressing the prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence.

Looking to the future, Clement Boutillier, Head of Co-operation at the EU Delegation to Botswana and SADC, said the root causes of conflict, including social inequalities, exclusion and poverty as potential drivers of conflicts in the region would come under the microscope.