SADC readying for DR Congo mission deployment


Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), particularly its volatile east, was under the spotlight during a high-level Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional security summit.

The Organ Troika Summit plus DRC last week (27 September) was updated on the security situation in the restive central African country, condemning “hostile activities of armed groups, including M23 and ADF (Allied Democratic Forces). It, according to a statement, discussed necessary steps and resources needed for deployment of the SADC mission to DRC (SAMIDRC) as a regional response to support the fight against armed groups in eastern DRC.

The Summit chaired by Zambian President, Hakainde Hichilema, was attended by Tanzanian Vice President, Phillip Mpango; Namibian Vice President, Nangolo Mbumba; and DRC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Jean Pierre Bemba alongside SADC Executive Secretary, Elias Magosi.

Upcoming regional elections were also on the agenda with the Summit reiterating the bloc’s support to ensure credible and peaceful voting in line with SADC principles and guidelines. Swazis last week (29 September) went to the polls with Madagascar’s first round of Presidential election set for 9 November, a possible second round on 20 December. That’s the same day Congolese in DRC vote for Presidential, legislative and provincial representatives.