Rwandan peacekeeper killed in Sudan’s Darfur region


A Rwandan peacekeeper was killed in Sudan’s western Darfur region on Saturday when tribal militia fighters attending a peace meeting started shooting, the United Nations-African Union mission (UNAMID) said.

Three other peacekeepers were wounded in the incident in the village of Kabkabiya in North Darfur.

One of the militias attending the meeting “became hostile” and started shooting at the peacekeepers, who returned fire, UNAMID said.

Dozens of people have been killed in recent months in renewed fighting between rebels and security forces in Darfur. The conflict has killed 200,000 people and displaced two million since it began in 2003.

UNAMID has almost 20,000 troops mainly from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Since the operation deployed in 2007, about 170 soldiers and police have been killed.