Rwanda, Mozambique review security situation in Cabo Delgado


On 9 January, Rwandan and Mozambican security officials met in Rwanda’s capital Kigali to review the security situation in the fight against insurgents in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province.

The meeting was attended by top defence and security officials on both sides including the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) Chief of Defence Staff, General J Bosco Kazura, the Chief of General Staff of Mozambique Forces, Admiral Joaquim Mangrasse, as well as the chiefs of Police of Rwanda and Mozambique and the Secretary General of Rwanda’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), the Rwandan Ministry of Defence reported.

The meeting examined the progress made in last six months since Rwanda sent troops to Mozambique to help restore state authority in Cabo Delgado by conducting combat and security operations as well as carrying out both stabilisation and security sector reform. They identified key challenges met and designed strategies moving forward.

“The meeting observed that the strong partnership between Rwandan security forces and Mozambican security organs registered success in the shortest possible time in stopping and neutralising the Ansar Al Sunnah terrorists. After the cessation of hostilities with insurgents in Rwanda Security Force areas of responsibility namely Palma and Mocimboa Da praia in Cabo Delgado, the Rwandan security forces in partnership with Mozambique forces commenced stabilization operations to include repatriating civilians from camps in Cabo Delgado to their homes in order for them to continue with their normal lives,” the Rwandan MoD said.

The meeting stressed that the complete recovery of the province was premised on resumption of economic activities and settling of displaced persons in their homes. “This should be followed by a deliberate process of reforming the security sector through training and capacity development of Mozambican security forces.”

The Rwanda Defence Force Chief of Defence Staff, General Jean Bosco Kazura, stressed that Rwandan security forces will remain committed in partnership with Mozambique Forces in finding lasting peace in Mozambique. “The synergy of our joint forces has proved to yield excellent results,” he said, stressing that Rwandan security forces will remain fully committed to continue with the journey of finding solutions to problems and new challenges.

The Mozambique Armed Forces Chief of General Staff thanked Rwanda security forces for their deployment over the last six months and requested Rwandan security forces to continue supporting Mozambican forces.

Both parties agreed to establish joint security force teams to design new strategies to improve the stabilisation and security sector reform process which is a critical stage in realizing sustainable peace and progress in the province.

On 29 December, Mozambican president Filipe Nysui visited Cabo Delgado and met representatives of the forces from Mozambique, Rwanda and the SADC Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM). Nyusi thanked all countries represented for the good work done in fighting terrorists and requested them to continue intensifying military operations in the districts of Macomia, Mocimboa da Praia, Nangade Mueda and Ibo island.

He thanked SAMIM for its deployment to Mozambique, including the contingent from Botswana, and he commended South Africa, Tanzania and Lesotho for their support to provide water, food and reconstruction of shelters to the people in districts they operate in. He called for more vigilance in Macomia district where insurgents continue to cause insecurity.

Nyusi requested the Mozambican military to learn from the experiences of the foreign forces because these partners will not remain forever in Mozambique.