Rebel group in Chad signs peace accord


One of Chad’s rebel groups has signed a peace agreement with the government, officials said yesterday.

AFP reports that the leader of the rebel Popular Front for Reconstruction (FPR) signed an accord with a mediator in Bangui on Monday, citing Central African Republic disarmament minister General Xavier-Sylvestre Yangongo.
“I think we have put a final end to the hostilities,” FPR leader General Abdel Kader Baba Ladde said on national radio.
“The FPR has committed itself to making peace, and we are asking the Centrafrica and Chad authorities to trust us – the FPR is going to respect its commitments,” he said.

FPR rebels have based themselves in the Central African Republic since 2008 after fleeing from attacks by Chad’s military. They established themselves in the Kaga Bandoro region, where their presence has not been popular – for instance, many were accused of theft, according to AFP.

A number of rebel groups are active in Chad, with the FPR being among the smallest groups. In February 2008 three rebel movements joined together in an attempt to overthrow the government of President Idriss Deby. They entered Chad’s capital N’Djamena but their coup attempt ultimately failed as they were pushed back, with the help of French forces.

Fighting eased after January last year when Deby and Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir signed an agreement prohibiting Sudan from supporting and arming Chad’s rebels. Since then, many former rebels have returned to Chad and been granted amnesty.