Peacekeeping heads-up for June

defenceWeb will be holding an inaugural two-day peacekeeping focus at Gallagher Estate in June.  
Conference producer Bronwen van Wyk says PEACEKEEPING AFRICA 2009 promises to bring together people who are experts in their respective fields from organisations that are taking the lead in bringing solutions to Africa.
Van Wyk adds the event will be “the ideal platform to bring all parties involved in peace support missions together, to share knowledge and to discuss the latest developments. I am very excited about the speaker panel for this event, and look forward to their presentations.”
She further adds that the topic selection was heavily influenced by rigorous research during which numerous peacekeeping and peace building experts were consulted. “It was established that a conference of this nature is necessary.”
defenceWeb editor Leon Engelbrecht says his team is drawing on parent company ITWeb to organise what will be the publication`s inaugural event.
“What may not be that well known in defence circles is that ITWeb has long had an events division, and the many conferences and symposia it organises are must-attend events in information and communications technology (ICT) circles. We intend the same here.
“It is this very team that will be handling defenceWeb`s events – and they have been busy at it for some months now,” he adds.
“My interest in events go back a while as well. I have been heartily irritated in recent years to find that the majority of events I have attended had profit rather than knowledge transfer as objective. Improving the defence debate in Africa – the reason defenceWeb exists – requires such events to combine really affordable rates with truly stimulating content. This we will seek to do,” he says.