Parliamentary Question: Cost of Burundi peace mission




Mr K.S. Mubu (DA) to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans:

1. Whether all members of the SA Military contingent have been withdrawn from Burundi, if not, why not, if so when did the withdrawal (a) start and (b) and,
2. Whether it achieved its objectives in Burundi, if not, why not, if so, what are the relevant details,
3. What was the total cost to the Government since the first deployment of a military contingent in Burundi up to and until the final withdrawal of the contingent,
4. Whether the Government has any plans to deploy troops in Burundi again should the peace efforts break down, if not, why not, if so what are the relavant details. NW250E

1. The SA Military Contingent has withdrawn from Burundi with all its equipment. The first group withdrew from Burundi in August 2009 with the last group comprising of the VIP Protection Team having withdrawn in Dec 2009.
2. The RSA Military contingent did achieve its objectives in terms of Safety, security and stability under the auspices of Regional security and stability. The RSA military Contingent provided the environment conducive for the democratic processes to have taken place in Burundi that is due to hold its second democratic elections over the period April to June 2010.
3. The total cost since the first deployment up to the final withdrawal of the RSA Military Contingent in Dec 09 was RM 1, 848, 1.
4. It is the prerogative of the President and National Assembly whether the SA National Defence Force will again deploy to Burundi. This is the procedure for all deployments, as prescribed by the Constitution.