Mozambique and Rwanda sign agreement expanding fight against insurgency


Mozambican and Rwandan defence officials have signed an agreement expanding cooperation in the fight against insurgents in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province.

A joint security and defence meeting was held on 10 January between the Chief of Staff of the Rwanda Defence Force, General J Bosco Kazura, and the Chief of General Staff of the Mozambican Armed Forces, Admiral Joaquim Mangrasse, at Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) Headquarters in Kigali, the Rwandan Ministry of Defence stated.

They signed an agreement of expanding the cooperation between the two nations’ security forces in order to improve operations that are taking place in Cabo Delgado. Rwanda has deployed around a thousand troops to Mozambique since July 2021.

The agreement concludes series of discussions that were held this week between Mozambique and Rwanda to review the security situation in Cabo Delgado.

While speaking to the media after the meeting held at RDF Headquarters, Brigadier Chongo Vidigal, the Army Chief of Staff of the Mozambique Defence Forces, said the main issue discussed was how to strengthen the cooperation between the two nations’ security forces as well as to review joint operations against insurgents in Cabo Delgado. This includes adopting new strategies to deal with challenges met in the last six months.

Colonel Ronald Rwivanga, the RDF Spokesperson, said among the decisions that were made includes expanding the spheres of cooperation in terms of capacity building of the Mozambique Security Forces as well as improving the modus operandi of the joint forces in the theatre.