Moz QRF exercise


An exercise to evaluate two Mozambican quick reaction forces (QRFs) is currently underway in Manica province.

The exercise – Gamba 2023 (Gambex 23) – started this week and runs until month-end for final evaluation of the QRFs trained during the EUTM (European Union Training Mission) Mozambique fourth training cycle. Training was done at Katembe and Dongo training camps over a 16 week period with a tactical air control party (TACP) team, trained at Mavalane training camp, also part of the exercise.

Gambex 23 will demonstrate the QRFs trained by EUTM MOZ are ready to fight terrorism in Cabo Delgado, defeat all acts of aggression and contribute to restoration of safety and security a statement reads.

“Gambex 23 will allow participants to learn from each other and strengthen the relationship and inter-operability between EUTM MOZ and the FADM (Armed Forces of Mozambique.

“EUTM MOZ provides training and support to FADM to protect the civilian population and restore security in Cabo Delgado. The mission has a non-executive mandate and will end on 9 September 2024, two years after the mission has reached full operational capability (FOC). EUTM MOZ is a tool to address the crisis in Cabo Delgado, in conjunction with support for peacebuilding, conflict prevention and dialogue support, humanitarian assistance and development co-operation.”