MONUSCO ups security in Bunia


Future rebel attempts to attack Bunia in DR Congo’s Ituri province will encounter a higher level of defence from both MONUSCO and the national military, FARDC.

A statement issued by the UN mission in the central African country notes the MONUSCO security system on the outskirts of Bunia was reinforced. This follows an attempted incursion by rebels from the CODECO/ALC (Alliance for the Liberation of Congo) before dawn on a FARDC position at Dele, six km south-east of Bunia.

MONUSCO dispatched a rapid response unit to support the Congolese army and repel the attacks. The mission then deployed an armed helicopter and patrol to deter further rebel action. While patrolling, peacekeepers came across militiamen burning a house. Following an exchange of fire, they dislodged them. A MONUSCO rapid response unit was also dispatched to support the patrol to prevent violence spreading to the Bunia city centre.

In Bunia, MONUSCO organised a security patrol around the internally displaced camps. A predominantly female patrol, including women from UN Police and a contingent from the Senegalese Formed Police Unit, was detailed for this task.

Given the volatile and unpredictable context of the security situation in the region, MONUSCO peacekeepers remain mobilised to protect civilians The MONUSCO statement said.