MONUSCO improves road links in DR Congo


Chances the South Africans currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) overseeing the late delivery of goodwill parcels travelling on a road recently rehabilitated by Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) troops is good.

Extensive rehabilitation work on the Kasinga-Kididiwe section of road in the east of Beni territory was done and completed by Indonesian military engineers deployed to the FIB and based in Beni.

Road rehabilitation is an ongoing part of work undertaken by the FIB as it facilitates troop and equipment movement and allows civilians easier access to services.

The latest road rehabilitation was done Kasinga-Mayongose-Kididiwe an operational area where tracking operations against rebels of the Allied Defence Forces (ADF) are conducted jointly by MONUSCO and DR Congo forces (FARDC).

According to MONUSCO Indonesian military engineers worked hard to finish rehabilitation work on the 6km section of road. Work started on 10 December 10 and finished late in February. The terrain is difficult to access with palm and cashew trees as well as ravines forming dense equatorial forest. This saw bulldozers used to down trees and clear the road.

The dense terrain in which the rehabilitated section of road is facilitated the area’s use by ADF to attack civilians.

Work was done under full military surveillance, including aerial reconnaissance, to ensure the safety of sappers and equipment.

The Indonesian sappers recruited 30 young people from Beni and surrounding areas to assist in rehabilitation work. Their tasks were confined to pruning and removing smaller trees and bushes in areas inaccessible to heavy earthmoving equipment.

In another road rehabilitation project, MONUSCO took over from FARDC on the Mbau-Simulike-Kamango road. Congolese military engineers completed 20km of rehabilitation work before the going became too tough for their equipment and MONUSCO was called in to assist