Mission medical support in Mozambique


An important component of the European Union (EU) training mission in Mozambique is its medical team always working on the premise that nothing can be done without health.

The EUTM MOZ, to use its military acronym, medical team comprises doctors, nurses, paramedics and medic drivers. Their primary task is to ensure quality primary health care, preventive medicine, support in health risk situations and maintain operational efficiency of EUTM MOZ elements in Maputo and Chimoio facilities. The role 2F in Chimoio doctors and nurses provide damage control, resuscitation and surgical treatment up to damage control surgery level in cases of serious injury. Additionally, a force health protection officer ensures safety and hygiene working conditions of all elements. A pharmacist guarantees supply chain and availability of pharmaceuticals, medication and essential care materials for all elements collaborating with EUTM MOZ.

For the EUTM MOZ medical team, day-to-day health of operatives is the “guarantee seal” for a ready and capable troop. Because missions can be and are conducted where a lack of medical resources is a problem and physical demands soldiers are exposed to can be higher, healthcare becomes a key point.

The EUTM MOZ medical team has a dual role in the mission. It is an operational asset, working daily on behalf of the deployed force, through preventive efforts, with lectures to the staff and medical advice to the Mission Force Commander (MFCdr). The secondary role is by way of assistance 24/7, to ensure maximum readiness and robustness of the military in the mission.

Combat first aid training is also on its to do list in conjunction with FADM, the Mozambican armed forces.

“Being a member of the EUTM MOZ medical team means being able to contribute in a multi-faceted way to the success of the mission as a whole, as well as to the individual success of those who are in the theatre of operations and know they can count on an always there team to help and can work, side by side, also as trainers,” an EUTM MOZ statement has it.