Media release: defenceWeb’s second peacekeeping conference May 25 to 26


Regional law enforcement organisations, peacekeeping agencies, military strategists, policy makers and defence industrialists will be brought together next month for defenceWEB’s Peacekeeping conference to be held in Midrand, South Africa. The event, set to take place from 25-26 May 2010 at Gallagher Estate, is being hosted by defenceWEB, the a consolidated source for news information, research and insight to African defence and security matters.

defenceWeb’s Peacekeeping Africa conference will examine just how effective and secure peacekeeping operations in Africa really are. The conference will look at a regional perspective for force preparation, financing, logistics and armed vehicles for peacekeeping operations in Africa. Featuring leading best practice and case studies on the latest developments in peacekeeping strategies for the African continent, this comprehensive two-day event promises to bring together the different bodies that are involved in peacekeeping. Subject-matter experts will discuss tactical and operational issues, protocol, policies and strategy as well as the role of non-governmental organisations and civilians in ensuring effective peacekeeping.

Speakers include senior representatives from the Janes Defence Weekly, Canadian Defence Academy, United Nations Mission in Darfur, Defence Institute, Armscor Business, United Nations Mission in Sudan, British Peace Support Team, Pan African Strategic and Peace Research Group Kenya, African Union, Centre for Conflict Resolution, Internal Security Organisation, International Committee of the Red Cross, Law Society of Kenya and many more.

With the 2010 World Cup on our doorstep, more effective peacekeeping has become an increasing priority.

With the South African Government’s mandate to support peacekeeping in Africa defenceWeb’s conference becomes a significant milestone in working towards a goal of achieving peace, security and stability in Africa.

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