Media release: defenceWeb Peacekeeping Africa 2010 Conference postponed


The Fifa Soccer World Cup is now just days away and has taken the public imagination by storm. With the national focus inside and outside government firmly focused on making this mega-event a success; defenceWeb has been asked to delay its second Peacekeeping Africa 2010 Conference until football fever has subsided. For this reason, defenceWeb decided to include key changes and speaker additions to improve the Peacekeeping Africa 2010 Conference agenda and content. We have made a decision to move this event out to run from 26-27 August 2010, at Gallagher Estate, Midrand.

Meanwhile, the Defence Decision Support Institute (DDSI), previously known as the Defence Institute, has endorsed defenceWeb’s Peacekeeping Africa 2010 Conference

. The DDSI is a well-established organisation with more than 20 years’ trade in military decision support. The organisation is focused to assist the defence community in developing insight and solutions to decision-making problems over the full life cycle of defence capabilities and systems.

The conference will be expertly chaired by Martin Reeves, manager of Operations Decision Support at DDSI. Reeves has been involved in defence-related projects, focusing on ground-based ballistic systems. He has carried out work in ammunition design and management, multi-spectral signature management and product systems management. He is also involved with resource training, development and mentoring. His current focus is on the integration of projects on a strategic level as a further extension of decision support to the SANDF.

Ben du Toit, defence analyst at DDSI, will talk about the role of armoured vehicles in peace support operations, while health challenges of the peacekeeper in Africa will be addressed by Col (ret) Lesley-Ann Jacobs, defence analyst from the DDSI.
defenceWeb’s Peacekeeping Africa Conference will examine the role of armoured vehicles, logistics and health challenges in African peace support operations.

For more details on the conference programme and to book your seat, please click here.


Johan Wildenboer
011 807 3294

Issued by defenceWeb
24 May 2010