Live event summary: Countering the Insurgency in Mozambique


Anton Mifsud-Bonnici, member of the advisory board at Marlow Strategy, at defenceWeb’s Countering the Insurgency in Mozambique event today discussed the commercial risks and the perspective of the oil and gas industry in Cabo Delgado.

Oil and gas companies want to develop their product with a low-cost base. Security is an expensive business that companies wish to avoid if they can. The industry is no stranger to layered issues similar to the economic, society and political issues in Cabo Delgado.

Mifsud-Bonnici said companies are aware of consumers increasing social consciousness and want to aid in remedying the situation. Oil and gas company stakeholders want the Mozambique government to have a way out of the conflict. Mifsud-Bonnici said companies know that dialogue between government and civil society is critical to addressing the generations of injustice.

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