Live event summary: Countering the Insurgency in Mozambique


A panel discussion at defenceWeb’s Countering the Insurgency in Mozambique event today discussed the role of the private security sector and defence industry in fighting the insurgency.

Lionel Dyck, head of Dyck Advisory Group (DAG), said Mozambique needs a strategy that will create a climate for law and order. From Dyck’s perspective, insurgents control the bush, government controls the towns and there is a ‘half-hearted’ fight for the roads. A military response will only give government time and space to sort out the root causes of the insurgency.

Joe van der Walt, CEO of Focus Group & Rhula Intelligent Solutions, said there is a major cultural issue in the Mozambican intelligence services. “There is a culture of telling bosses what they want to hear… Their intelligence picture is skewed,” said van der Walt.

Cobus van der Merwe, Chief Business Establishment at Global Command & Control Technologies, said Southern Africa countries could rethink their acquisition models for military equipment. Lease to own or subscription models between governments should be considered.

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