Kenyan troops in DRC patrol for safety and better socio-economic conditions


Reconnaissance and other patrols by Kenya Defence Forces (KDFs) troops deployed in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as part of the East African Community Regional Force (EACRF) are keeping locals safe.

Separately, the Kenya quick reaction force (QRF) 1 in the strife-torn central African country, attached to but not part of MONUSCO’s Force Intervention Brigade (FIB), is executing dominance patrols in the Eringeti area of Ituri province

Troops patrol the main supply road between Eringeti and Komanda to deny Allied Defence Forces (ADF) militia freedom of operation while ensuring free and unfettered movement of goods and services between the two towns.

ADF operatives target motorists using the Eringeti -Komanda road carrying out killings and other atrocities according to KDFs.

The Kenyan contingent attached to the EACRF has and is still on site in the Rumangambo, Kisigari and Rugari areas of North Kivu.

Patrols, KDFs said, are in compliance with the deployment of EACRF to Rumagambo on 5 January after the withdrawal of the M23 armed group in compliance with the Luanda November mini-summit.

The patrols aim at assuring the locals of their safety and assessing specific needs toward addressing challenges for peaceful co-existence and socio-economic prosperity.

M23 committed to a co-ordinated, sequenced and systematic withdrawal from Rumagambo, Kishishe and other eastern DRC areas with EACRF to take over and enhance security in vacated areas.

This, the KDFs said, is a critical milestone in implementation of the Luanda Communique.