High need to move people to safety in DRC


Africa is projected to have the highest demand for moving people to safety next year and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has the greatest need of all, according to the United Nations refugee agency’s Projected Global Resettlement Needs 2019 report.

The report reveals 163,000 people from the Central African nation will need international resettlement in 2019; a 10% increase on this year.

Millions of civilians have been forced to flee fighting – with the UN refugee agency estimating the country has at least 2,7 million internally displaced persons and about 450,000 refugees in other countries.

As armed groups continue to terrorise communities, they finance some activities by exploiting the country’s rich natural resources.

The DRC is plagued by other challenges as well. From April the country experienced an Ebola outbreak, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) helped stabilise by shipping thousands of vaccine doses to stop the virus spreading.

As of April, the UN Organisation Mission in Democratic Republic of the Congo, (MONUSCO), employed 20,600 personnel with an additional 18,316 in uniform.

The Mission engages on the ground in a broad range of activities, from promoting community violence reduction to raising awareness of child recruitment into armed groups and reinforcing women’s involvement in politics.