Germany donates military medical college to Tanzania


The German Armed Forces Technical Advisory Group (GAFTAG) has donated a Military College of Medical Sciences to the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF).

The college was handed over in the capital Dar es Salaam on 30 September, reports Tanzania’s Daily News, in a ceremony attended by Minister for Defence and National Service, Dr Hussein Mwinyi. He said that GAFTAG has been providing assistance to the TPDF since 1994, including rehabilitation of military hospitals and state-of-the-art medical equipment. “The college will help us to broaden our medical services in the country as civilians also have a chance to study at the college,” he said.

GAFTAG has also donated three mobile clinics to be used in peacekeeping mission.

Commandant of the college, Brigadier General Luhindi Msangi, said the college buildings and equipment have been received as aid from the Germany government. General Msangi said the college was the main campus in which there were six other campuses in the country, adding the college will be the second in Africa to provide such kind of trainings, reports Daily News.

The college will train military personnel and civilians through a main campus and six other campuses distributed across the country making it the second college of its kind in Africa.

Germany Ambassador to Tanzania Egon Kochanke said that, “Some of the equipment which we have handed over are of high quality which are not even available in some of our colleges in Germany.” The Ambassador said the total value of the equipment and buildings was 3 million euros.