Gambia and Turkey strengthen defence relations


The president of Gambia visited Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TAI’s) facilities in Turkey earlier this month, signalling further close ties between the two countries.

President of Gambia H.E Yahya Jammeh visited TAI’s facilities on February 11 and was briefed on the company’s products by TAI President & CEO Muharrem Dortkasli.

Following the visit, on February 13 Turkish and Gambian officials signed a number of cooperation agreements in the fields of health, defence, taxation, culture, sports, education and security cooperation. On March 6, the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Turkey signed a bilateral agreement for the provision of Logistical Military Assistance to the Gambia Armed Forces.

On this occasion Turkey donated $600,000 to help Gambia with its peacekeeping mission in Mali and other logistical issues. In a press conference held after the bilateral and inter delegation meetings, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said efforts on a free trade agreement (FTA) with Gambia are ongoing.

Since 1965, both countries have maintained good relations bilaterally and multilaterally, especially at the United Nations and Islamic Cooperation Organization.

Gambia is one of the African countries that has supported Turkey on the Cyprus issue. The Turkish President has also declared that one of the pillars of Turkey-Gambia ties was the military training provided by Turkish military officers since in the 1990s. He also stated that Turkey will not leave African countries with their problems, and will continue to provide aid to these countries.