EUCAP Nestor starts training with Seychelles Air Force


On Monday the first basic training course for the Seychelles Air Force (SAF) started at the SAF facility at Mahe’s Airport.

The four week training course is the first of its kind for the SAF and its purpose is to give all new employees, regardless of their position, the same basic knowledge about the Air Force. The courses will be mostly held by officers (pilots) from the SAF, with some assistance from the embedded Surveillance Aerial Maritime Expert from EUCap Nestor. There will be 6 trainees attending the course initially, the capacity building programme EUCAP Nestor said.
“This program provides our new Air Force recruits with essential skills and the competencies they need for their functions,” said the Commanding Officer of the Seychelles Air Force, Maj Michael Pouponeau. “We are grateful to EUCAP Nestor for assisting us in preparing and performing this training”.

All training material has been developed by the officers from SAF in cooperation with the embedded expert.

Subjects include basic knowledge of organisation, aircraft and mission systems, administration, operational and maintenance basics, meteorology, emergency training such as firefighting, first aid and evacuation training as well as a demo flight with one of the SAF aircraft.
“Being involved in this training is a milestone for EUCAP Nestor in the Seychelles,” said Giulio Piroddi, the acting Head of the EUCAP Nestor Office in the Seychelles, at the opening of training. “We are very pleased to assist the SAF in strengthening its maritime surveillance capacity as it is one of our most important partners operating in the Maritime Security field.”

EUCAP Nestor is a civilian EU mission, under the Common Security and Defence Policy, which assists countries in the Horn of Africa and the Western Indian Ocean in strengthening their capacity to ensure maritime security and in particular to fight piracy.