EUCAP Nestor deploys in Mogadishu


From November 24, capacity building mission EUCAP Nestor maritime, legal and police experts are permanently deployed in Mogadishu, Somalia, in the second mission field office in the country.

The Mission operational base is located in Mogadishu International Airport (MIA). Other EUCAP Nestor experts are already fully operational in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

The permanent deployment of human resources in Somalia is expected to enhance effectiveness of mission activities in supporting the development of “maritime security systems” in Somalia, as well as the Region, EUCAP Nestor said.

This permanent deployment will translate in a day to day interaction with local counterparts, as well as with other international actors engaging to fight piracy in Somalia.

EUCAP Nestor permanent deployment into Somalia marks a shift of the mission activities in this country. Strengthening the existing legal and law enforcement frameworks related to anti-piracy and developing maritime security capacity instruments can only benefit by a permanent presence on Somali soil, the mission said.

Although piracy has diminished at sea in the Horn of Africa as a result of EU and international and local engagement, “Pirates are still out there. They remain ashore ready to act at any opportunity. Our objective is to strengthen the action on the ground in order to help Somali Authorities to identify them and dismantle their structures”, as Head of EUCAP Nestor mission Etienne de Poncins said briefing the press about mission deployment recently.