EU training for Mozambican military starts


An EU training mission in Mozambique started work in earnest this week as part of an overall initiative to train a thousand plus Mozambican officers, NCOs and soldiers over the next two years.

The EU Military Training Mission in Mozambique (EUTM Mozambique) was announced by the European nations bloc in mid-October with a mandate to provide training and capacity building to Forḉas Armadas de Defesa de Mozambique (FADM). This after its formation was approved by the EU Council in July.

EUTM Mozambique is planned to reach capacity by year-end with 140 military instructors divided between two training centres – one for commandos and the other for marines.

The Mozambican training mission in the fourth put into place in Africa by the EU following Mali, Central African Republic (CAR) and Somalia.

Mozambican media report the country’s defence minister Jaime Neto as saying the start of training at Katembe Independent Fusiliers Company in Maputo is “the right path for specialisation, professionalisation and modernisation of FADM”.

Expectations are the first two companies of Mozambican soldiers on the receiving end of European military knowledge and skills will deploy by February next year.