Egyptian victory in October 1973 war commemorated


Military attachés on duty tours in South Africa met virtually with their Egyptian counterpart and the North African country’s ambassador this week to commemorate the 48th anniversary of the October 1973 War.

“The virtual occasion was organised by the Egyptian defence attaché in Pretoria, Brigadier-General Mohamed Harb, current dean of the military attaché and advisory corps (MAAC), with assistance from Ambassador Ahmed El Fadly,” according to an Egyptian Embassy statement.

General Rudzani Maphwanya, SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Chief was represented by Chief of Staff (CoS) Lieutenant-General Lindile Yam with MAAC members, representatives from the Al-Azhar Institute, the Egyptian Church in South Africa and the local Egyptian community also took part the statement said.

Speaking on behalf of Maphwanya, Yam said the October 6th victory was a reflection of Egyptians’ belief in their ability to achieve whatever they put their minds to. This can be seen today in the growth of the Egyptian economy.

The South African general officer said integration of the Egyptian defence industry with other countries showed stability and stability of those countries and defence industries involved.

“The Egyptian armed forces ability to move with speed and agility gives other defence forces, including South Africa, ​​a lesson in rapid development and growth,” Yam said.

In his turn at the virtual podium Harb congratulated Egyptians on the occasion of October 6 as well as the Arab world for “sacrificed in defending the right to liberate land”.

He told the senior SANDF officer attending, Egypt sought better co-operation with the South African military.

“Military co-operation between Egypt and South Africa serves not only the people of both countries – it also serves the people of Africa. It can achieve peace and prosperity for the people of Africa and for people around the world. Having a strong army by developing its capabilities and defence industries as well as co-operating with other countries preserves destiny and defends against threats.

“It is the result of efforts by a wise and rational political leadership aware of local, regional and international challenges facing Egypt,” Harb said.

He highlighted economic achievements including construction of a new Suez Canal, renewable energy projects, new cities and construction of “the biggest road network” in the North African country as examples of progress.