Efforts underway to free SA police kidnapped in Darfur


The departments of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO), defence (DoD) and police are working with the United Nations and the Sudanese government to free four South African police advisers kidnapped, apparently by mistake, on unday.

The DoD has issued a statement on the kidnapping on behalf of itself and DIRCO as defence minister Lindiwe Sisulu is currently acting international relations minister; the incumbent presently being in Brazil with President Jacob Zuma. “The members are in Sudan to assist the Sudanese police force. The abduction [sic] has been officially confirmed by the second in command of the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Sudan, Major General Ray Mdutyana of the South African National Defence Force.

The kidnappers have made contact with the UN peacekeeping forces, the DoD says. “The South African government is using all diplomatic and other channels at all levels to ensure the safe return of these members of the South African Police Force. The Sudanese government has been requested to assist,” the DoD added.
“We wish to assure the South African public that the government will pull out all stops to bring these peacekeepers home safely. Officials of the Department of Defence are working together with the South African Police Force, the DIRCO and the UN Peacekeeping Force to provide continued effort.
“The DoD will communicate further information as and when it is received.”

The Sudan Tribune meanwhile reports online that a Darfuri group has admitted that one of its commanders had kidnapped the four peacekeepers. The Democratic People’s Struggle Movement (DPSM), a splinter group from the former rebel SLM-Free Will faction, has also expressed its readiness to release them. It says the commander was not aware of a deal they signed recently with the government.

DPSM chairman Jibril Bukhari said in a statement released yesterday the commander who kidnapped the four South African police advisers was not informed about an agreement they had signed with the government on Saturday.

National police commissioner General Bheki Cele says he was shocked to learn earlier this week of the kidnapping. The four, two men and two women, were returning from their operational base to their accommodation but never arrived at their accommodation near Nyala in south Darfur.
“I am constantly being kept updated on developments relating to our four members, regrettably to date it is unknown exactly what happened to our members” said Cele. “I am deeply concerned that no information is forthcoming about their whereabouts and I earnestly appeal for people in the know to please come forward with information”, added the police chief.

Cele added he has instructed “that during this very difficult time the families of the four members be kept informed of what has been transpiring. My thoughts and prayers are with the family during this exceptionally difficult time” the general said. His comments followed a visit to the families by senior officers.

The police chief went on to say that he is in close contact with his colleague, Ayanda Ntsaluba of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) “so that government’s efforts are being coordinated to ascertain their whereabouts and safe return of the four members to SA.”

Cele said UNAMID, the hybrid United Nations African Union force in Darfur has “continued to mobilise all its resources in the region and is working in close cooperation with the government of Sudan and local authority in the search for our missing colleagues.”

Pic: A SA police and SANDF officer in Darfur. Undated archive photograph