Djibouti to send peacekeepers to Somalia despite threats

The government of Djibouti has announced that it will send peacekeepers to Somalia as part of AU peacekeeping mission in Somalia.
The interior minister of Djibouti Yasin Ilmi Buh said that his country
had prepared troops to be deployed to Somalia saying that the threats
by Al-Shabab Islamic Movement will not change their decision to send
troops to Somalia.

He further said that his government expects these troops to take part
in the restoration of security and peace in Somalia.

He stressed that the army of his country would defend against any
attacks from the insurgents in Somalia and will do their best efforts
in stabilizing the country.
On the other hand the government of Djibouti has appointed its
ambassador to Somalia for the first time since the fall of former
central government of Somalia on 1991.
A ceremony to welcome a new ambassador from Djibouti to Somalia and
relaunching Djibouti embassy has been held at the presidential palace
known as Villa Somalia in Mogadishu yesterday.
The Somali Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ali Jama Jengeli spoke at the
ceremony, saying his government is warmly welcoming the new ambassador
and pledges to work with him.
The new Djibouti ambassador, Dayib Dubad Roble, has said at the
ceremony that he was happy to be in Somalia on behalf of his country.

He said Djibouti is always determined to support Somali people and the

Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.

The Djibouti embassy, which was opened in Mogadishu, will be among the few other foreign embassies opened in the country recently including Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia.
Somalia has not had an effective government since 1991 and Ahmed’s
administration holds only a few blocks in Mogadishu, with support from
the peacekeepers.
The US considers Al-Shabab a terrorist organization and accuses it
of harbouring suspects in the 1998 bombing of the American embassies in the

Kenyan and Tanzanian capitals.

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