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Friday, April 30, 2010


The kidnap this month of four South African police advisers to the hybrid United Nations/African Union peacekeeping force in Sudan’s troubled Darfur, reportedly to show the area was not ready for the just-run elections, again underline the dangers of participating in such missions. Thankfully the four have been released and are unharmed, if shaken, by their ordeal. They arrive back in South Africa today.

While Darfur illustrates one set of dangers, the Democratic Republic of Congo shows another: President Joseph Kabila is keen to see the UN force, known as MONUC, deployed there withdraw in time for the troubled nation’s 50th anniversary of independence. But is the country ready for that? The country has along history of UN deployments and departures, all of which were followed by a resurgence of violence. Will this time be any different?
defenceWeb’s Peacekeeping Africa Conference (25-26 May, Gallagher Estate, Midrand, Johannesburg) will bring you first hand experience from UN and AU Peacekeeping missions in the DRC, Sudan and Darfur and you will hear just how effective and secure peacekeeping operations in these regions really are.

This comprehensive two-day event promises to bring together the relevant role players that are involved in peacekeeping. Experts will discuss tactical and operational issues, protocol, policies and strategy. Attendees will get all their most pressing questions answered.

With the South African Government’s mandate to support peacekeeping in Africa defenceWeb’s conference becomes a significant milestone in working towards a goal of achieving peace, security and stability in Africa.

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