Day of Remembrance coming up on 11 November


The South African Legion of Military Veterans (SA Legion) wishes to remind the public that a significant anniversary to remember all South Africa’s war dead is coming up in November.
11 November, or Remembrance Day, has special significance this year as it will be the centenary of the end of the First World War, a war that marked the beginning of the end of Western European, Russian and Turkish Colonialism.

It also involved all population groups of South Africa, and most of South Africa’s military memorials remember the Battle of Delville Wood in July and August 1916, the tragedy of the sinking of the SS Mendi on February 21, 1917, as well as the heroic fight at Square Hill, not far from the Biblical site of Armageddon, the city of Megiddo in present-day Israel.

The First World War affected all of South Africa, even though the fighting was mainly in distant Europe, in today’s Namibia, East Africa and the Middle East. Nevertheless, many soldiers, sailors and airmen lost their lives.

For those organising or taking part in the centenary year Remembrance Day, whether at a church, school, town hall or other venue and wishing to obtain poppies to show that they have not forgotten, please contact Legionnaire Charles Ross at 082 423 9222 or email him at [email protected].