Botswanan sergeant-major inducted into US “hall of fame”

A service member with the Botswana Defence Force was inducted into the first International Student Hall of Fame for the US Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA) last month in Fort Bliss, Texas.
Sergeant Major Herman Bahuma, the current Defence Force Sergeant Major in Makopong Village in Botswana and a graduate of USAMA Class 48, was one of three international service members honoured for their achievements, Africom reports.
He was inducted along with Warrant Officer Stephen Ward, Australian Army Regimental Sergeant Major; and Sergeant Major Boban Stojanovik, Macedonia Armed Forces.
These three students were nominated by their respective armed services to be a part of the inaugural class of the International Student Hall of Fame.

In the 36 years since the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy opened its doors, more than 500 NCO from 66 different countries have participated in its courses.

Colonel Donald Gentry, 18th USASMA Commandant, said the leadership and ability provided by US Army NCO makes enrolment into USASMA for international students very sought after.
“…they look at the USA, and the United States Army especially, for a model for their NCO Corps,” Gentry said.

In addition to being inducted into USASMA’s first International Hall of Fame class, Ward was an infantry instructor at Fort Benning, Georgia in the early 1990s.
He was awarded the US Army Infantry School’s Instructor of the Year in 1991. Ward said the opening of the International Hall of Fame shows the cooperation and respect for the world’s armies.
“It was an honor to be recognized,” Ward said.
“It shows the relationship that the US Army has with other nations. This hall of honor was created to acknowledge and appreciate the service of soldiers from other countries.”

In 2006 Stojanovik became the Republic of Macedonia’s highest ranking enlisted soldier.

He said it was an honour to be inducted into the hall of fame. Stojanovik said NCOs need to learn and adapt to the ever changing role of the world’s armies.
“As non-commissioned officers we need to meet future challenges maintain our advantages with maximum results and we must keep pace with the talent of the 21st Century Soldier,” Stojanovik said.

Officials at USASMA would like to have an induction ceremony at the start of every school year. Gentry said he has already received nominations from the next class.

USASMA’s Sergeants Major Course is a nine-month resident program for sergeant`s major or master sergeants.

Its international program was developed to promote professional growth and success among military students from around the world.