AMISOM legal and security training


AMISOM, the AU mission in Somalia, wrapped up a two-day training on International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and Gender for AMISOM, Somalia National Army (SNA) and Jubbaland forces late last month.

The training in Kismayo,  administrative capital of Jubbaland State, was to sensitise AMISOM and Somali troops on how to integrate humanitarian law, human rights and gender into joint operations. The training covered security sector reform, conflict related sexual violence, human rights law, gender mainstreaming and civil-military co-operation among others.

AMISOM Head of Security Sector Reform, Hamouda Kanu, said the training was part of ongoing capacity building to ensure t Somali Security Forces are well informed and trained.

“The programmes we are implementing for Somali forces will ensure they are well informed and properly trained on issues important to peace support operations,” said Kanu.

According to Kanu, the training is the first in a series of ongoing sessions that will be conducted for AMISOM troops and Somali security forces in Dhobley and Mogadishu.

A participant from the Jubbaland Intelligence Agency, Ahmed Abdikadir Ali, said the training was helpful. It made him understand obligations in protecting civilians during conflict and how to handle captured combatants or those surrendering in counter-terrorism operations.

Lieutenant Hassan Mukhtar Omar, another intelligence participant, said the training would enable troops to improve military operations.

“We will share the knowledge and experiences with our colleagues not able to be at the training,” Mukhtar said.