al Shabaab Somalia attack branded cowardly


“Barbaric” and “cowardly” is the African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council (PSC) response to an al Shabaab attack on a transition mission in Somalia (ATMIS) base earlier this month.

ATMIS reflects a new mandate approach to the former AMISOM (AU Mission in Somalia).

The PSC “strongly condemned the barbaric and cowardly attack against the Burundian contingent of ATMIS in Sector 5 by the al Shabaab terrorist group and warned the terrorist group this attack will not lessen the commitment and operations of ATMIS”.

The continental body “remains resolute” working with the Somali government to “eliminate the al Shabaab menace” and promote effective peace, security and stability in the east African country.

The PSC paid tribute to Burundian National Defence Force personnel who lost their lived in the course of duty and peace in Somalia, the east African region and the African continent.

Tribute was further paid to all troop and police contributing countries to ATMIS who were commended for commitment to duty and encouraged to “persevere until al Shabaab is totally eliminated”.