Vehicle Voice Security for RapidM CommandPoint


RapidM launched a rugged secure voice modem designed for installation in vehicles. It will operate with the company’s CommandPoint map and data touchscreen software to give commanders a visual impression of battlespaces.

The launch took plscde at Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibition this week.

RapidM is a Pretoria-based software developer as well as designer and manufacturer of military communications hardware. It operates in battle management systems.

The RT3 can deliver encrypted digital voice and is able to automatically indicate positions of those on the network with the company’s CommandPoint software. Symbols indicating the position of enemy and friendly forces can be shown on a map on a touch-screen device. The RT3 works as a voice and data encryptor with any HF or V/UHF radio on the audio channel.

From the same family of products, the company ‘s RT5 device has a Qwerty keyboard and secure digital voice. However, it has a smaller display, and therefore does not give the fuller situational awareness of CommandPoint.

RapidM says it has sold CommandPoint to the armed forces of a NATO member country, and has recently made sales to forces in South East Asia and Australia.

The tablet based system is aimed at use by platoon and company level commanders, who require a map view of operations. It allows tracking, navigation, and coordination of forces. The system also features, text, SMS, Email, File Transfer, and support form and report message.