UN examines terrorist’s use of the Internet


Terrorists’ use of the Internet including how it is utilized to recruit, organize criminal acts and raise money was the focus of a United Nations gathering this week which brought together experts from around the world.

Participants at the two-day gathering in Berlin, convened by the UN Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF), also discussed the effectiveness of laws currently in place regarding direct attacks on networks and computer systems.

The results of the 25-26 January workshop held in the German capital will be included in a comprehensive guide for Member States on how to meet the challenge.

The meeting is part of a larger project falling under the aegis of CTITF’s Working Group on Countering the Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes, which was set up by the UN Secretary-General in 2005 and brings together 24 entities in the UN system, as well as with the global police organization Interpol.

Source: www.un.org