Ugandan police open uniform factory


The Uganda Police Force (UPF) has opened a new factory to manufacture the five different camouflage outfits used by its officers in a joint venture industrial project with Chinese defence equipment manufacturer Poly Technologies.

The factory, which is located in Lugogo outside Kampala, was officially opened by President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday last week. Ugandan media quoted UPF Inspector General General Kale Kayihura saying the factory is a public-private partnership in which the Chinese company provided industrial equipment while Uganda provided the business space.

The factory will produce the five different uniforms used by police departments including the general service, traffic service, marine unit and the black military-style camouflage of the anti-riot and elite counter terrorism units.

Kayihura said the factory will start with an initial output of 100 uniforms per day and expand to 200 uniforms per day in the short term.

He said it will also manufacture uniforms for schools, private security companies and private organizations in order to generate extra income for the police service.

Officially opening the factory, Museveni said localising the manufacturing of police camouflage will save the country millions as it will cut the present taxes levied on imported service uniforms.
“This is the good start of a long journey. I am happy to note that the facility will reduce the cost of (police) uniforms from $27 (Shs71,549) to $24 (Shs63,599) each. I would like to thank China for not only trading with Uganda but also assisting Africa and I hope to do more work with Poly Technologies,” Museveni said.

More than 70 members of the UPF logistics and engineering departments have already undergone special production line and management training courses provided by Poly Technologies experts in China.

The factory has a start-up staff compliment of 100. It is expected to expand into leatherworks with special focus on the production of police service safety shoes and belts, further cutting the cost of production per set.

President Museveni said the localisation of production will enable the police to control the quality and quantity of uniforms and deliver them securely on time.