UBCC develops payroll software


In this World Wide Wrap: UBCC develops payroll software, Quest improves security, Checks and Balances offers Ultimate, and Torres delivers HR system.

UBCC develops payroll software

Universal Business Computing (UBCC) has added an electronic bridge to allow data to be uploaded from its general ledger software into Drake Tax Software, states WebCPA.

This bridge develops client write-up and payroll software. "Some clients requested a bridge to Drake Tax Software, and we responded by building the bridge," said UBCC president Ken Garen.

In addition to Drake, the company also offers electronic bridges to Intuit`s Lacerte, Thomson`s UltraTax and CCH`s tax software.

Quest improves security

Rotherham Primary Care Trust has installed Quests Software`s ActiveRoles Server and Quick Connect in an attempt to improve security and increase efficiency, reports CBR Online.

The mandatory introduction of the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR), an integrated system for HR and payroll, replaced the original HR system provided by Microsoft Active Directory.

Additional administration tasks connected with the ESR delayed the updating of the new HR system. This resulted in some ex-employees having access to the system, with raised a security risk.

Checks and Balances offers Ultimate

Checks and Balances has announced the general availability of Ultimate Software for Deltek GCS Premier clients, according to PR.com.

The introduction of this interface supports the company`s strategy of providing Deltek GCS users with a comprehensive and cost-effective HR management system and payroll solution.

The interface was developed with the assistance of NeoSystems Corporation, a Deltek partner and managed service provider, located in Vienna.

Torres delivers HR system

Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions is completing the largest ever Oracle-based HR and payroll management system, according to BusinessWire.

The system will be the primary information system used to manage the entire Iraqi military (all 200 000 armed services personnel) and provide reports to US.

With this, coalition forces can better plan military operations and the withdrawal of coalition troops.