UASA calls on Department of Public Enterprise to play a more prominent role in the Denel crisis


Denel executives jumping ship following the national Budget presentation last week is nothing less than disgraceful, leaving workers stranded and puzzled about their future, trade union UASA has said.

In his tabling of the Budget, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni made no mention of a lifebuoy to save the state-owned entity (SOE), leading to the executive’s exit, notes Abigail Moyo, spokesperson of UASA.

“Denel’s new acting group chief executive, William Hlakoane, maintains a persistent silence and seems content to ignore repeated messages, which has now prompted UASA to call on the Department of Public Enterprise to play a more prominent role and provide the guidance and assistance needed to turn this once proud establishment around,” she said.

“Strangely, government is prepared to pump taxpayers’ money into other SOEs like SAA despite its disappointing financial performance and amidst lockdown travel restrictions, but Denel gets the cold shoulder while they also have contractual obligations towards clients and employees.

“Denel workers have been stranded for nearly a year now, and it seems as if neither government nor the Denel executive has a game plan to remedy this disturbing situation. This is an issue of significant concern as workers have been without their full salaries from last year July.

“UASA is still awaiting judgement from the labour court in our contempt of court case against the board of Denel,” Moyo said in the 4 March statement.