Truvelo to become Colt distributor in South Africa


South African sniper rifle specialist Truvelo will soon market Colt firearms, under an agreement that will see the American company launch its presence in southern Africa.

Thomas Sullivan, International Sales Manager at Colt Defense, told defenceWeb that Colt hopes to enter into the local military and police market and maybe the civilian market as well. Colt has some civilian handgun customers in South Africa but no real military or police presence. “We’re hoping to change that,” Sullivan said. “South Africa will become a target market.”

However, he cautioned that South Africa is a tricky market with challenges to new entrants. “There is a demand here and we want to meet that,” he said. However, being a foreign manufacturer means that Colt has to get round export regulations. For this reason Truvelo will market the Colt brand.

Colt has a more solid presence in North Africa, although the company is trying to get a foothold in Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries. “That’s why we’re here,” Sullivan said, during the Land Forces Africa conference in Pretoria two weeks ago, where the company had a prominent display.
“By combining forces with Colt, Truvelo will expand its product range to include not only highly accurate and reliable barrel products and precision rifles, but good quality pistols, carbines and assault rifles as well,” said Alexa Gerrard, Head: Sales and Marketing at Truvelo. “This will ensure the development of a mutually beneficial relationship and maximisation of future business development opportunities.”
“Being a manufacturer as well as a sales house, Truvelo will be able to offer effective after sales support and all the required back up service,” she told defenceWeb.

Colt’s wide variety of firearms caters to military, law enforcement and consumer markets. Its product lineup ranges from revolvers and pistols to carbines, assault rifles, submachineguns and grenade launchers.

Earlier this month Colt Defence and Colt’s Manufacturing Company merged, re-uniting the two businesses after they split in 2003. This “makes Colt a stronger and more formidable competitor in the global military, law enforcement and sporting arms markets,” said Gerry Dinkel, Colt Defense President and CEO.
“We have worked hard to make Colt a major force in the modern sporting rifle market, grow our international military sales, increase 1911 production and introduce new rifle and handgun products,” Dinkel said.