Status quo at Denel cannot continue, UASA tells Parliamentary committee


Representatives from trade union UASA this week delivered a presentation to members of Parliament’s Standing Committee on Appropriation at the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Joint Services Base Thaba Tshwane about the embarrassing state of affairs at Denel, reiterating that the situation cannot and will not be allowed to continue.

UASA outlined the challenges faced by Denel workers who have had to survive on only a part of their salaries and tabled suggestions about how these challenges could be overcome and eliminated.

The UASA representatives stated it would be ideal if the relevant department would allocate funds to re-capitalize Denel with a clean slate, the trade union said. Denel cannot trade itself out of its current predicament without getting the funding required for tax clearance and to pay for skills and supplies, they said.

The Parliament’s Standing Committee on Appropriation met to prepare for discussions with Denel Management about UASA’s presentation regarding the allocation of government funding and budgets affecting Denel.

UASA Labour Court proceedings against Denel to obtain a compliance to force Denel to pay all outstanding salaries and statutory payments, are set to continue next month. “UASA is aware that the funds within the Denel Medical Trust Fund will become available and it is UASA’s stance that such monies must be utilised by Denel to pay the total outstanding amounts on salaries and statutory payments,” stated UASA spokesperson Abigail Moyo.

“UASA will continue to stand and fight for our members employed by Denel, and we trust that the Parliamentary Standing Committee hearing and the Court proceedings will have the desired positive outcome.”