Sixteen South African companies taking part in Defence & Security Thailand


Sixteen South Africa aerospace and defence companies will be taking part in the Defence & Security Thailand exhibition in Bangkok next week. South Africa will for the first time have a national pavilion at the exhibition, which runs from 18 to 21 November.

Previously, South African defence industry participation had been coordinated by Armscor and never before on a national scale. The national pavilion is funded by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and supported by the South African Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Export Council (SAAMDEC) and the Aerospace, Maritime and Defence (AMD) Industries Association of South Africa.

“The sole aim of our participation is to promote the collective interests of the South African Defence Industry (SADI) as SADI’s existence is reliant to exports. A national pavilion at an important show such as Defence & Security 2019 affords more visibility for the individual South African companies present whether large or SMME (Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprise), to achieve a national identity and more prominence within the event. This supports more success in receiving delegations and visitors as well as marketing the South African industry and its offering and promoting the #Team SA brand,” SAAMDEC said.

The South African defence industry’s profitability and sustainability continues to strongly rely on exports and account for over 60% of its revenues. “It is in this context that we need to continue to profile the SADI in major events around the world. To date this year, we have successfully taken part under the DTI National Pavilion in IDEX 2019 (Abu Dhabi, UAE), LAAD 2019 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and recently DSEI 2019 (London, United Kingdom),” SAAMDEC said.

Defence & Security Thailand is an international military and civil exhibition covering land, air and sea military equipment, defence technology and internal security co-ordinated by special committee appointed by the Minister of Defence. The exhibition will focus on providing an opportunity for international defence technology producers to engage with Thailand, and Asia’s important policy makers in various Defence Ministries as well as technology users. The 2019 edition is expected to be over 35% larger than the previous edition, with more than 500 companies exhibiting from 50 countries.

This year, the 16 South African companies participating are Aerodyne Research (parachutes), Explospot (explosion detection and mitigation systems), Shelhurst Components (vehicle power packs), Imperial Armour (body armour and protective equipment), OTT Technologies (armoured vehicles), Milkor (armoured vehicles, patrol boats, cyber security, grenade launchers and unmanned aerial vehicles), Shrike Marine (power supply components), SAAMDEC, Reutech (remote weapon stations, radars), Twiga Services and Logistics (armoured vehicles, weapon mounts, patrol boats), Denel (infantry turrets, weapons, missiles, ammunition and armoured vehicles), Floida Engineering Services (engineering services, systems integration and radar), Zero Industries (inflatable life and ballistic jackets), S-Plane Automation (unmanned aerial vehicle components), and DCD Group (armoured and mine detection vehicles).

Armscor will also be taking part. Although primarily a defence material acquisition and disposal agency, Armscor also develops technology and will be showcasing its maritime domain awareness system, radio antennas and other equipment.